Welfare and rescue

In addition to trying to protect the Square’s birds from Ken Livingstone, we have offered them a service they have never had before - a veterinary service.

Save The Trafalgar Square PigeonsFor much of 2003 a veterinary practice was hired to deal with sick and injured birds. Birds that could be treated there and then were released - others were retained for nursing and, if necessary, transferred to Pigeon Recovery, a Sutton based rescue centre.

The most common problem the Square's pigeons face is entanglement with twine, which wraps itself around the birds' digits (toes) and legs. It is essential that this is removed or it will gradually tighten, cutting into the birds' legs, causing infection and eventual loss of digits or feet.

On an average visit, the practice treated around four such birds making his work absolutely invaluable to the Square's flock.

Unfortunately the practice we employed is no longer able to help us and we are actively looking for a replacement. If you know of a vet who might be interested (and whose fees would reflect our status as a small, not-for-profit organisation!), please get in touch.

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