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Our campaign to protect the pigeons is multi-faceted and there is a wide range of ways in which you could help. As you’ll see, there’s something for everyone, so do please get involved!

ow you can help save pigeons - Save The Trafalgar Square Pigeons

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The birds are currently under threat from all sides.

The last mayor, Ken Livingstone, unilaterally walked out of the agreement that saw the birds fed each morning and has banned us from feeding the birds on the Square. We tried, unsuccessfully, to enforce the agreement through the courts.

Meanwhile, we continued to feed on the adjacent North Terrace, outside the National Gallery, which is outside the Mayor’s control. Westminster City Council, which does control this land, introduced a byelaw in September 2007 criminalising pigeon feeding, both on the North Terrace and in the streets around the Square, threatening the birds with starvation. 

We have so far been able to circumvent this law and will endeavour to continue to do so.

To add to the birds’ plight, the Mayor has employed sadistic bloodsports fanatics to bring hawks onto the Square to terrify and kill the pigeons.

As you can imagine, we frequently need supporters to act quickly on the birds’ behalf, whether it be attending a protest or writing a protest email. By joining the Action Alert scheme you allow us to contact you immediately, whenever we need your help. We will also send you occasional newsletters to keep you up to date.

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Fight bloodsports on Trafalgar Square

We had hoped that with the election of more enlightened Mayor, Boris Johnson, that he would get rid of the hawk and handler in the Square.  Prior to his election we contacted his campaign office and they said he would look at the situation and make a decision. Sadly he was only presented with one side of the investigation - the GLA side - which was both biased and totally untrue. Pigeons present no threat to public health nor to any monuments in the Square. The use of the hawk in the Square is both a major cost to Londoners and has been proven to be totally useless. The only tragedy is if the hawk catches a vulnerable pigeon.  The GLA knows that and so does the Mayor.  

The hawk and handler are still employed in the Square
Please write to London's Mayor Boris Johnson at the GLA  City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London  SE1 2AA  (email: asking him to call off the hawk.  Sadly you will probably receive the same standard reply that the GLA have been sending out for years now despite evidence they have in their possession proving the waste of using the hawk. 

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The cost of feeding the pigeons is the biggest drain on our resources. Regular monthly donations by way of standing order are particularly welcome as they provide us with longer term financial stability.

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