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Save The Trafalgar Square Pigeons
Back in 2000, London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone declared war on Trafalgar Square’s world famous pigeons.  He banned the traditional sale of corn on the Square in an attempt to starve the flock.  Instead, STTSP was born.
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Save The Trafalgar Square Pigeons

We still feed the Square's pigeons every day of the year in different locations
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Save The Trafalgar Square Pigeons
It is not uncommon to find a pigeon in trouble!  Young often leave their nests before they are fully ready.  Others fail to find enough food and become unable to fly.  Many are injured, whether by cats, cars or yobs.  You are the bird’s only hope of survival. 
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The Mayor reneged on our agreement and tried to starve the Square's pigeons. Hawks are still being employed to terrify and kill them. Here we explain what you can do and introduce our "action alert" scheme.
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